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Services we Provide

Flynn Pianos provides a wide range of piano sales and service to musicians throughout the Berkshire, Columbia and Litchfield counties. We also serve institutions such as concert halls, recording studios, theater and dance venues, churches and synagogues.

We have two locations in Great Barrington, MA, in the Berkshire mountains near Tanglewood, with a wide range of new, used and rebuilt pianos for sale or rent. Some of our pianos are displayed in Westchester County, NY. There are also a few pianos brokered from our customers' homes.

We travel anywhere in the Northeast to provide services such as examinations, reports, repair estimates, appraisals, repairs, concert preparation, etc. If required, we move pianos to one of our workshops or showrooms for repair or sale.

Have any questions about general piano maintenance, climate, tuning, or anything else?

Our Services

Terry Flyyn tuning grand piano before concert.

Piano Tuning

Flynn Pianos offers tunings at home, in the recording studio, at concert venues... wherever there’s a piano!

Our fee for a single tuning is $185. Often when pianos are badly out of tune they will need to be tuned twice in one session. This costs $260.

Iris Tuomenoksa polishing up  a Yamaha piano for sale.

Minor and Major Repairs

From cosmetic touch-up, sticky notes or broken strings to replacement of a complete set of action parts and restringing. Most repairs can be done on site, although the piano’s action might have to make a trip to our workshop.

Terry Flynn easing front key bushings on Yamaha grand piano.

Rebuilding and Reconditioning

We will assess the condition of your piano or one you are considering, discuss the pros and cons of rebuilding, and give you an estimate of costs. If you decide to proceed with the work, we’ll move the piano to our rebuilding facility in Yonkers, NY, to be dismantled, refinished and reassembled with whatever replacement parts it needs. This may include a new soundboard, pin block, action, dampers and strings.

Terry Flynn working on lowering friction of keys of a grand piano.

Regulation and Voicing

Regulation includes adjustment of all action components from pedals to keyboard to dampers. Voicing follows regulation and is the final stage in controlling tone production which includes the adjustment of hammers and their point of contact with the strings.

Terry Flynn easing front key bushings on Yamaha grand piano.

Climate Control

This is an essential aspect of piano maintenance which ensures the health of your piano through changing conditions throughout the year. Proper placement of the piano is the first concern – away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Both temperature and humidity must be kept within certain ranges and moderated in their fluctuations. For concert pianos, we often recommend an off-stage piano garage/closet with climate control. For small rooms, a room humidifier is often adequate. In many cases, however, we install a climate control system inside the piano. When correctly installed and maintained, these devices achieve excellent results. These systems are easy to operate, and preserve your piano investment.

Flynn Pianos car and trailer parked in front of the workshop.


We manage piano moves, across town, across the country, or internationally. We ensure that the piano will be set up properly upon delivery, and tuned right away, if necessary.

Iris Tuomenoksa posing in front of a refurbished Steinway B at the Stockbriddge Church, MA


There are some questions that can be answered via a phone call or email: Should I restore my old piano? Should I accept a family heirloom? Does it makes sense to move my piano cross-country, or sell it and buy another? Other questions concern transportation, storage, insurance, age, place of manufacture, etc. Ask us anything about pianos; we’ll try to help.

Iris Tuomenoksa polishing up a Yamaha piano for sale.

Piano Finder

Through our domestic and international connections (including Piano Muller in Germany), we can find nearly any piano in the private, retail or wholesale markets. We can also provide essential pricing information to assist you in finding the right piano at a good price.

Terry Flynn easing front key bushings on Yamaha grand piano.


Flynn Pianos does appraisals for sale, donations, estates and insurance. We provided appraisals to many clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Vermont.

Iris Tuomenoksa polishing up a Yamaha piano for sale.


If you have a piano for sale, we can advise you on pricing and marketing. We can help to write a clear description to post for private sale online. Or, in the case of high-end pianos, we can gather detailed information and place it in our international high-end piano network of dealers and brokers.

Our locations

Flynn Pianos Showroom in Great Barrington MA

Great Barrington Showroom & Mailing Address

At our Great Barrington Showroom we have most of our Steinway grands and a few uprights. It’s the ground floor of Terry Flynn’s home where we have occasional chamber music recitals. The address is:

11 Hemlock Hill Rd.
Great Barrington
MA 01230

front window of Flynn Pianos Workshop

Great Barrington Workshop & Gallery

The Great Barrington Workshop is where we service pianos and keep our Steinway concert rental piano, plus other grands and uprights. Here you can also browse art works by our featured local artist. It is near the Barrington Brewery at:

Jenifer House Commons
420 Stockbridge Rd.
Great Barrington
MA 01230