picture of our High Polish Ebony Steinway C grand piano on the Mahaiwe stage

Concert Rentals

Our Steinway C 7'5" Concert Grand.
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Our concert services include delivery of a first-class Steinway grand piano in top condition the day before a performance, artist’s bench, piano cover, and on-site tunings before and after pre-concert sound-checks and/or rehearsals.

We have provided pianos for concerts by Emanuel Ax, Dave Brubeck, Andre Watts, and many others. Our Steinway C 7’5” grand piano (pictured here) is used for most classical, jazz and pop concerts. For example, it is played in nearly all the piano performances at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, MA.

The cost for the piano per day is $500.
The cost for concert tunings is $375.
The cost of transportation, locally and without stairs, starts at $850*.

Example: The total for concert halls such as the Mahaiwe or Colonial Theater in the Southern Berkshires is $1,725.
Some venues such as the Yellow Barn in Putney, VT send their own mover and provide their own concert tuners. The rental cost for the piano only in such cases is $500.

*Moving Fees Vary by Distance and other factors.

Home Rentals

Iris and Terry moving an Upright out of the workshop and into a Client's Home.
Many of our Upright and Grand Pianos can be rented for use at home.

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There are many reasons to rent a piano. Perhaps you are staying at one of the many lovely summer homes in the Berkshires for only a few months. Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing a piano but would like to hear and play it in the space where it would live. We offer delivery, tuning, maintenance, and consultation so that you can find a piano that fits your needs.

For those interested in owning a piano, the first six months of rental payments and round trip moving go towards purchase of any piano we own. For example, if you rent one of our uprights for the summer, then decide you want to buy one of our grands, you will get credit for all rental and moving payments.

The cost of renting any piano includes a round-trip moving fee and one onsite tuning after the piano has settled into its environment. All of our pianos include climate control systems that help to mitigate fluctuating temperature and humidity to keep the action and pitch stable.

The cost for renting per month is $250 for uprights costing less than $10,000.
We have small grands starting at $350, and sometimes a 6' Steinway for $600.
The cost for a tuning is $160.
The cost of round-trip transportation for a small upright, locally and without stairs, starts at $650*. Grands start at $850 round-trip.

Example: The cost of a local three month summer rental of one of our uprights would be $1560.
This includes the Cost of the Piano for three months, the Round-Trip Delivery, and One tuning.

*Moving Fees Vary by Distance and other factors.