Concert Rentals

picture of our High Polish Ebony Steinway C grand piano on the Mahaiwe stage

Our concert services include delivery of a first-class Steinway grand piano in top condition the day before a performance, artist’s bench, piano cover, and on-site tunings before and after pre-concert sound-checks and/or rehearsals.

Our Steinway C 7’5” grand piano is used for most classical, jazz and pop concerts. For example, it is played in nearly all the piano performances at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, MA. The cost is $875 for the piano and concert tunings, plus transportation -- a minimum of $700 locally and without stairs. Hence the total for concert halls such as the Mahaiwe or Colonial Theater in the southern Berkshires is $1,575. Some venues such as the Yellow Barn in Putney, VT send their own mover and provide their own concert tuners. The rental for the piano only in such cases is $500.

When requested, we also supply Steinway D 9’ grands. We have provided these for concerts by Emanuel Ax, Dave Brubeck, Andre Watts, and many others. The total cost is about a $1,000 more than the Steinway C – i.e. in the $2,500-2,750 range.