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Flynn Pianos work includes piano restorations, concert piano rentals and piano sales to individuals and venues. We regularly work for performance spaces such as Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Berkshire School, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, and the Colonial Theatre, among others. Flynn Pianos is a sponsor of the Mahaiwe PAC, the Berkshire Lyric Opera, and Kids 4 Harmony. Emanuel Ax and other noted pianists are among our clients.

We have beautiful pianos for sale at our showroom in Great Barrington, MA.

Flynn Pianos Showroom in Great Barrington offers a wide collection of upright and grand pianos for sale.
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Yo-yo Ma & Emanuel Ax playing our Steinway D at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, MA.

Yo-yo Ma & Emanuel Ax playing our Steinway D at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, MA.

Terry Flynn tuning Grand Piano before concert.

Flynn Pianos offers tuning and voicing at home, in the recording studio, at concert venues… wherever there’s a piano!

Terry Flynn tuning Grand Piano before concert.

Climate Control is a crucial aspect of piano maintenance. It ensures the health of your piano through changing conditions throughout the year.

Photo of concert casters mounted on three legs in the workshop.

From cosmetic touch-up, sticky notes or broken strings to replacement of a complete set of action parts and restringing. We do it all.

Iris Tuomenoksa pointing heatgun, normally used to straighten hammer heads, to the photographer as a joke.

We do our best to help you answer any piano related questions. Just give us a call.


  • The Steinway B on stage at Saint James Place.

    Saint James Place

    Fred & Sally Harris, Founders. Seth Keyes, Manager; Great Barrington, MA; February 2024.

    Saint James Place opened in 2017 as a state-of-the-art cultural center and event space. In 2013 Flynn Pianos prepared the founders’ 1980 7’ Steinway B for a construction fund-raiser at their home. After the Sanctuary in the magnificent old Saint James Episcopal Church was transformed into a superb 300-seat performance space, the Steinway B entered service as its resident concert piano. Musicians have regularly praised the combination of rich room acoustics and superb piano restoration and maintenance. The Sanctuary itself is a jewel. In 2017 Saint James Place was given an ornate rosewood 1884 6’2” Steinway A with a refinished case and original ivory keytops. Flynn Pianos rebuilt the belly (soundboard, strings, pinblock, etc.) and action (repetitions, hammers, shanks, dampers, etc.) to yield a powerful, tonally flexible grand that resides in the 130-seat Great Hall. It is used for the Berkshire Opera Festival rehearsals and for smaller-scale performances.

  • Looking out into the audience at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center.

    Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center

    Lucas Pawelski; Great Barrington, MA; January 2024. Photo by Michael Lavin Flower.

    Flynn Pianos has provided the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center with pianos and tunings for live concerts since our grand re-opening in 2005. Artists who have performed on Terry's meticulously maintained Steinway grands have raved about their superb action and nuanced tone, many times wishing to take the piano with them! Memorable performances by Emanuel Ax, Michael Feinstein, Sutton Foster, Laufey, Pink Martini, and Rufus Wainwright are all woven into the history and lore of the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, and none of those performances would have been possible without the amazing instruments and skill that Terry and his team provide time and time again for our artists. Terry and his pianos will always be an important part of the magic that the Mahaiwe presents to its audiences, and we will always be grateful!

  • Hamburg Steinway D, at Symphony Space.

    1894 Hamburg Steinway D

    Symphony Space; Lenore Davis; New York, NY; February 2023

    Symphony Space is thrilled to acquire an 1894 Hamburg Steinway D from Flynn Pianos. This beautifully restored instrument has a rich and nuanced tone, a terrific action, and a lovely sound that fills the hall. Having such a concert grand piano enhances not only the theater's self-produced shows, but also excites visiting presenters who are delighted to find a New York venue with such a gorgeous instrument. As a plus - working with Terry Flynn is always a pleasure. He transported the piano to the hall for us to hear it in place, with the option of renting it to purchase. As a concert pianist myself, I'm a long time client of Flynn Pianos. As a member of the board at Symphony Space, I was very happy to be able to recommend this piano for the hall.

  • Joan Leonard's 1893 Steinway A

    Rebuilt 1893 Steinway & Sons A

    Joan Leonard; Williamstown MA; July 2022

    When my daughter took a position at the Clark Art Institute in 2019, I bought a second home in Williamstown. As a long-time resident of the Washington, DC area, I've owned and loved my 1896 rebuilt Steinway A for more than 30 years. I knew I couldn’t live without a piano, so in 2019 I bought a Yamaha U3 upright in Washington and had it shipped to Williamstown. After several years had passed, I realized I was spending nearly half the year at my condo and would not be happy playing on an upright, even my very good one, on a long-term basis. The Yamaha had been in the expert care of Terry’s superb technician, Ryan Mix, so when I went on the hunt for a grand piano, Flynn Pianos was my first stop. I had complete confidence that anything I would find there would meet a very high standard. At Terry’s showroom I encountered my dream piano — a beautiful, meticulously rebuilt 1893 Steinway A — the older cousin to my Washington piano! It was a joy to play, and my only concern was whether my condo living room could comfortably accommodate a 6'2" grand. Terry had the excellent idea of bringing an A piano cover to the condo, where we could see precisely the footprint it would have in the space. The happy outcome was that the piano did indeed fit, and I am now its delighted owner.

    It was a great pleasure to deal with Terry. He is attentive, responsive, helpful, accommodating, and deeply knowledgeable. I am happy that he will now be in a position to find a new home for my Yamaha piano!

  • Gili Melamed-Lev

    Steinway B action restoration

    Gili Melamed-Lev; Ghent, NY; October 2021

    For the past 9 years I have been working with Terry Flynn preparing pianos for concerts in the Berkshires and Columbia County, caring for my own pianos, or helping my students find the best piano they can afford to pursue their dreams of connecting to music.
    Terry tirelessly offers his time, knowledge, patience and expertise in helping my own Steinway B reach and maintain the quality of sound and touch I desire.
    His team of technician-tuners are a group of professional and kind people devoted to their work and willing to assist even on short notice. Recently, I was fortunate to have my piano voiced by their specialist, Jeff Baker. New sounds of the finest quality are now possible. It is a gift to us in this area to be working with Flynn Pianos.

  • Photo of Jodi Shaw's Mason & Hamlin A

    Mason & Hamlin model A purchase

    Jodi Shaw, Northampton, MA, July 2019

    When I started the search for my first piano, I was not exactly sure of what I wanted. All I knew was the size and my budget. After a Google search of piano shops in the area, I sent an email inquiry to Flynn Pianos. About an hour later I received a phone call from Terry Flynn himself, who described some of the pianos he had in my size and budget range and invited me in to play them.

    The thought of buying a piano at a price that cost more than my car made me feel anxious. What if I couldn’t figure out the right one? What if I ended up with a lemon? From the moment I set foot in Flynn Pianos however, I felt like everything was going to be okay. Terry and his business partner Iris have created a warm and calm environment in which any anxious piano-seeking human can relax and really take their time to explore all the pianos that have been so lovingly restored there.

    On my first visit I spent over two hours playing all the different pianos. I really appreciated how they let me wander around the shop on my own and play whatever piano I liked for as long as I liked. Not once did I feel like I was imposing. When I had questions about a piano, they removed the action for me to look at and explained how it worked and what they had done to repair or replace parts...

    For my second visit, they had fine-tuned the piano I liked the most so I could hear the full beauty of it, and it sounded so great! I spent a lot of time playing this particular piano and asked around a million questions. Terry and Iris seemed to genuinely enjoy responding to my questions.

    In total, I made three visits to Flynn Pianos and felt zero pressure to purchase a piano from them. Terry and Iris are honest, trustworthy “piano people” - genuine stewards of some amazingly lovely pianos that are all magical in their own way. Real artists, they love what they do and it shows. I went from feeling anxious to feeling totally confident in moving ahead with such a large purchase. I also feel like I got a real education in how pianos work.

    From the first visit to the final delivery, this was one of the most pleasant purchasing experiences I have ever had. I adore my new piano! I also feel confident that if something goes wrong, I have a solid relationship with Terry and Iris, who are just a phone call away.

  • Photo of Kelly Kaiser in front of her Bosendorfer piano

    Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand regulation and voicing

    Kelly Smedvig Kaiser, West Stockbridge, MA, May 2019

    I have been the happy owner of an 1877 Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand piano. We purchased the instrument about 10 years ago from a private owner in NY who had not maintained it well. After spending about $30K on refurbishing, it was in pretty good playing condition, but not perfect. Last year, out of frustration with intonation issues and inconsistency between the keys, I was given Terry Flynn’s name from a local piano tuner. She said “he is the absolute best and will especially know what to do with your Bosendorfer!”

    I called Terry, and he couldn’t have been nicer and more responsive. His warm, passionate personality gave me immediate optimism about the potential for my piano to come up to a more acceptable level. Terry came over and assessed the instrument, giving me a myriad of historical facts about the instrument and the Bosendorfer company. My husband and I literally laid down under the piano with Terry as he explained the unique construction aspects of our instrument.

    On Terry’s advice, we boosted our home humidification system to keep the piano at a consistent level. Terry and one of his technicians, Ryan Mix, spent many days at my house regulating and voicing the piano. He then asked me to “live” with it for awhile to determine if it was exactly how I wanted it. He came back to make a few more adjustments so it was just to my liking. He also purchased and delivered a new bench, adjusting it to my uneven floors.

    I intend to call Terry for future maintenance, tuning and an eventual move to a new house.

  • Photo of Egremont Inn, South Egremont MA

    Steinway B action restoration

    Sarah Keene, Egremont Village Inn, South Egremont, April 2019

    I own a 7’ Steinway grand which I purchased new in 1977 from a Steinway dealer. It has been my pride and joy. When I have needed any repairs, I have turned to Terry Flynn and Iris Tuomenoksa, his business partner, for their expertise. In February of this year they did extensive work restoring the piano. It was beautifully done. The tone speaks so easily.

    I could not recommend these two technicians with more enthusiasm. How fortunate we are to have them here in the Berkshires.

    Flynn Pianos addendum: This fine piano is used for chamber music etc. at the Village Inn.

  • Photo of black Steinway O

    Martha, my restored Steinway O

    Robin Sloane Seibert, Stockbridge MA, February 2018

    As an avid piano student who practices several hours a day, I’d spent months searching for a piano I could fall in love with. If you’re in the market for a piano, you’d be making a grave mistake if you didn’t make Flynn Pianos your first stop. Not only will you be greeted by a big smile, and a welcoming handshake, you will find yourself in the company of a man who has devoted his life to all things piano. Along with Iris, his warm and extremely able business partner, they have lovingly restored an impressive array of pianos ranging in size and price. As soon as he opened the door, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. With his warm and trusting manner, he ushered me in, and, after a brief introduction to the pianos, he left me on my own, allowing me privacy as I auditioned each one.

    Though each one was pleasing, none of those in the showroom proved to be the one I was searching for. Terry encouraged me to be patient and wait for the Steinway O he was in the midst of rebuilding. He was right. It was love at first touch.

    P.S. Terry and Iris have been utterly attentive with respect to the piano’s welfare and maintenance. I know that with Terry and Iris, both Martha, my Steinway O, (so named in honor of pianist Martha Argerich) and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Photo of Baldwin Hill in South Egremont MA

    Steinway B action restoration

    Jane Ryan, Stockbridge MA, September 2018

    The action of my 1929 Steinway B had become heavy and was beginning to be unpleasant to play. A knowledgeable friend told me about a piano restorer named Terry Flynn who had recently relocated from CT to Gt. Barrington. He came over and impressed me immediately with his deep knowledge of how pianos work and his ability to identify my piano’s issues and suggest an affordable solution. This boiled down to replacing all the shanks and repetitions, removing a good bit of lead, and making all the necessary adjustments including regulating and tuning—a lot of work. After a number of progress reports and work in house, on September 4 they asked me to come into the living room and play something. I played the Prelude of Bach’s Partita I. The sound and feel of the piano was amazing. My Steinway B had never felt or sounded better.

    Addendum: On Oct. 20, Simone Dinnerstein played a recital in my home. She had played it before the action restoration and recommended the work. The results please her greatly.

  • Photo of Yamaha G2.

    The metamorphosed piano

    Gili Melamed-Lev
    Artistic director of Jazz and Classics for Change
    October 2017

    The first time we tried the 5'7” Yamaha grand, when it had just arrived at Terry's beautiful showroom, we were skeptical about the quality of tone. However, that was before Terry and Iris worked on it. A month later, under their great care, with new hammers, voicing and regulation, the piano had metamorphosed into a new instrument with a beautiful, vibrant, warm tone. It sounds even better in the performance space at Metabee Farm where it will inspire many in this remarkable art center in Hillsdale, NY. In the words of my artist friend​ who came to try the piano in its new home: "​All in balance. Fine, fine piano. It was inspiring. I love that piano."

  • Photo of Breezy Hill in Hillsdale, NY

    Steinway at its best

    Bob Logan, Chatham NY, July 2017

    I recently purchased a used Steinway B from a private seller. It took a leap of faith: it hadn't been regulated or voiced in probably decades, but I had a feeling that if I could get it fixed up it would be the perfect instrument for me. I feel very fortunate to have found Terry and Iris, who in only a few days brought it to a state of magnificence while dutifully remaining within my budget. Thanks to Iris's work on the action, the touch is incredibly responsive and balanced; I can already feel my playing improving as a result. In doing the voicing work, Terry was very attentive to my requests and got the instrument sounding exactly the way I wanted. My piano now possesses the dynamic range, subtlety of touch, singing tone, and orchestral clarity of a Steinway at its best. I could not be happier with their work.

  • Photo of Baldwin Hill in Egremont, MA

    The Piano Doctor

    Eli Newberger MD, Lenox, MA

    Like a fine pediatrician, Terry listened carefully to the story about my Steinway B grand piano. But his ethical focus was on the best interests of my child. Striving first of all to do no harm, neither to patient nor to its parent's wallet; next to listen with exquisite care to its voice; and then systematically to examine, and parsimoniously to utilize just the right diagnostic and therapeutic tools to enhance its health and development. Terry's prescription yielded for both of us an unexpected expressivity, yielding abiding joy and gratitude.

  • Photo of Breezy Hill in Hillsdale, NY

    Flynn Pianos is a discovery in the Berkshires!

    Ed Shapiro, Stockbridge MA, March 2016

    Terry Flynn is a discovery in the Berkshires! I've been looking for a used baby grand for years, dismayed by the quality I was finding. Terry rebuilt a 75 and a 100 year old Steinway, and brought both of them over to my home so I could try them out in the space. He vividly and enthusiastically walked us through the reconstruction process so that we could understand in depth what he had done and what we were getting.

    And then, day after day, he came to our home and voiced the piano to my very picky musical ear -- with patience, good humor, grace, and gentleness. He is deeply committed to his craft -- and to his customers. To have such a resource in this rural area is amazing; Terry is a pleasure to work with.

  • Photo of Baldwin Hill in Egremont, MA

    Outstanding quality of work

    David Sheehan, North Egremont MA, March 2015

    Working with Terry was a real pleasure. I had decided to upgrade my Steinway M by either rebuilding or replacing it. Terry took the time to educate me on the merits and potential of rebuilding while also showing me other Steinway models for purchase. He is both patient and passionate about his work. He took the time to understand the type of sound and action I enjoy. I learned a lot throughout the process and decided to fully rebuild my piano, keeping the original soundboard. I couldn't believe the outcome he was able to achieve --- the sound is full and rich and the action is exactly the way I like it. The quality of his work is outstanding and the process could not have been better.

  • Photo of Breezy Hill in Hillsdale, NY

    Conscientious, on-time, and on-budget

    Laurence Wallach, Livingston Hall Chair in Music, Bard College at Simon's Rock, Great Barrington MA, September 2013

    Terry began servicing pianos at Simon’s Rock in 1997 when called in to improve the tone and volume on our sole concert piano at that time, a Steinway B in Kellogg Hall. He quickly diagnosed and solved the problem with new hammers, voicing and regulation. Since then he has managed the repairs, maintenance and acquisition of all our pianos, including the Hamburg Steinway D we purchased for the concert hall we built in 2004 in the Daniel Arts Center.

    Each year, he spends 1-2 days on the concert pianos regulating their action and tone for another year of rehearsals and performances. He works conscientiously, on-time, and on-budget.

  • Photo of Baldwin Hill in Egremont, MA

    Artistic Workmanship

    Michael Collier, Canaan, NY, September 2013

    I own a Steinway Model M grand piano that I bought new in 1974. While living in New York and, later, in Westchester County, I had access to some very fine piano technicians and tuners. Over the years, the piano withstood many hours of intense practicing of challenging concert repertoire. In 2001, I moved to Columbia County in upstate NY. Fortunately, when the time came for major restorative work to be done to the instrument, a colleague recommended that I contact Terry Flynn. Since that time Terry has voiced the piano and, more recently, installed a new set of hammers (which he voiced) and regulated the action. Terry is meticulous in his attention to technical and acoustic detail. His workmanship can best be described as “artistic”. As a result of Terry’s efforts, my piano sounds and responds better than it has in the nearly forty years that I’ve owned it.

  • Photo of Dave Brubeck and Terry Flynn behind David Brueck's piano.

    Dependable and Thorough

    Dave Brubeck, Wilton CT, May 2012

    Terry has taken care of my pianos for decades, including two Baldwin concert grands and various uprights in my studio and around the house. In addition to tuning, he has done all the voicing, regulation and repairs.

    In 2006 Terry convinced me to try a climate control system in my favorite grand piano. The tuning became so much more stable that I asked him to install systems in the other pianos as well. Terry is a dependable and thorough piano technician.

  • Generic picture of a Mahagony Mason AA

    Iris saved my piano!

    Bruce Moore, South Egremont MA, December 2016

    I was considering getting rid of my 1929 Mason & Hamlin 6'3" grand and contacted Terry before selling the old gal. In spite of years in storage, previous poorly done work by others and years of abuse by many owners, making my piano playable again (while a stretch) would be possible, Terry advised. I was concerned about putting too much money into a questionable instrument so we worked out a plan to address only the most troublesome aspects. Terry arranged for Iris to spend several days re-working, voicing, cleaning up the action and replacing some broken parts in the hopes of "improving" it. What a miracle worker she is! This near-unplayable piano now sounds strong and clear, the action is crisp and quiet, and it's a joy to play again. Many thanks, especially to Iris for her musicality, diligence and professionalism -- my old Mason is now not merely improved but has a whole new life.